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Cowboy Shooting 1990

Hawaii Historic Arms Association member Dave put together this slideshow of some cowboy action shooting with the Mid-Pacific Pistol League from 1990. I’m sure some of you will recognize the faces here. Enjoy! Anyone with more information about this shoot, please let us know.

Message from SASH founder

Randford Ching, one of the original founders of SASH, wrote us a nice note.  Has has kindly allowed us to post it here.   He would like everyone to know how happy he is that the club is still going.   If you want to get in touch with Randford, please contact us and we’ll give you his contact info.


My name is Radford Ching SASS Life 150.
I was sent a link on Facebook by Spencer Chun (Little Bear) and was pleased to see the news report about the clubs activities. Spencer, myself and a handful of shooting enthusiasts started SASH in the 80s’ We used to shoot at Puuloa in Ewa Beach We started with about ten fellows and when I passed the club on to the membership to run, there where about sixty five members. The thing I’m proudest of is that about a third of our  shooters where women, many of whom had never shot a gun in their lives!
I moved to the mainland fifteen years ago and am not active in cowboy shooting now, but keep tabs on the local clubs here in Michigan. I do still have my rig and often use my single action revolvers to teach people to shoot. I have a small range in my back yard and still enjoy introducing people to shooting.
It’s so gratifying to see that the club is still going! I know the limitations of shooting at Koko Head, but it looks like you are having a great match in the newscast!
It’s probable that I don’t know a single member of the club now, or that any of you have ever heard of me, I but I did want to congratulate you guys and gals for keeping up the spirit of the game!
Happy trails!
Rad Ching (A.K.A. Ishi SASS Life 150)
P.S. I changed my alias to Honor an native American Indian that claimed to be the last of his tribe. I chose this alias as a statement when SASS became big business and in order to get more people into SASS the rules and attitude became more about profit and prizes than keeping the original spirit of the game. As territorial governor,  I  tried to keep the original attitude for the matches in tact, but the game inevitably changed. I was in California when the sport started and brought the sport to Hawaii. Keep it simple and fun.

Photos From November 2014 Match


Photos courtesy of Tyana Lau

Photos of the matches are always appreciated and improve the website.   If you have photos,  email them to and we’ll post ’em!