Hunting Fishing Weekend

NHFD 2015 Flyer

National Hunting and Fishing weekend is coming this this weekend.  Be part of it!

The National Hunting and Fishing weekend is a great event for a few reasons. It helps the Hawaii Foodbank as well as keeps us involved in the shooting community in a positive way. Also it is a recruiting tool for the club.

Members, we need  volunteers to come out and help with this effort. Any time that members can volunteer will be greatly appreciated. We will especially need volunteers early Saturday morning as I have to work for a few hours that morning. If we can get members come out around 7:30 am to start loading the wagon and setting up, that would be a big help. I will be there for the rest of the weekend.

For those of you have not volunteered at this event, it is really a lot of fun.   It is unique in that unlike any other event, there will be time to practice your shooting.   Our sport is very difficult to practice at Kokohead.  We are either having a match or the steel targets are locked up.   This event gives you lots of time to practice your shooting.   Take advantage of it and come out!


Please contact us with your time commitment to this event.

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