About Us

SASH Group Photo

SASH (Single Action Shooters of Hawaii) is a non profit gun club. We are  located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  SASH is a local chapter of SASS (Single Action Shooting Society).  SASH is a family friendly club with a strong emphasis on safety and fun.   We pride ourselves in being the friendliest shooting club in Hawaii.   We have monthly matches on most 4th Sundays of each month.

We practice the sport of  Cowboy Action Shooting. the fastest growing shooting sport in the United States. We relive the Old West with Single Action revolvers, Lever Action Rifles and period appropriate Shotguns.     We draw from cowboy  holsters and shoot metal targets.  The real challenge of Cowboy Action shooting is the combination of speed and accuracy.  The faster and more accurately you can shoot, the better you’ll do.  This makes it fast paced and fun.  While we score each match, your real competition is you and the clock.

Love westerns?   Ever think how cool it would be to be “The Man (or Woman) with no Name”?  This club is for you!

The club is run by it’s elected Board of Directors.  The current Board was elected in January at the annual elections dinner.  It consists of:

  • Phil “Branded Buck” Rapoza – President
  • Ron “Clell” Miller – Vice President
  • Mike “Wyatt” Wee – Armorer
  • Karen “Kamuela Kowgirl” Rapoza – Treasurer
  • Lyle “Small Paw”  Fleck – Recording Secretary
  • Eric ““Wa Wo Kiye Pake” Ako – Territorial Governor
  • Tom “Too Tall” Markson – Communications

Visitors are always welcome.  Regardless of shooting experience, come out and try it!  For your first shoot, you can shoot our guns and we’ll supply the ammunition.  Just bring safety glasses, ear protection and wear close toed shoes.  After your safety instruction, you’ll be making those metal targets “plink”!  When its all said and done, we think you’ll have a blast.   As our President, Branded Buck,  says,  “If you leave here and didn’t have fun, we’ve done something wrong”.

Check out our match schedule and other resources.

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