Website updates

Howdy All,

Just wanted to keep you all informed on some changes to the website and an exciting new feature.   The changes are really just playing around with different themes to improve the look and feel of site.  The content will remain the same and be updated as appropriate.  I’m trying to find just the right look to capture the club’s unique personality.

The new feature is that I have created a twitter feed for SASH.   The twitter name is @sashgunclub.  You can follow it with either the box on the right hand side of the screen or in your twitter account.   I don’t expect to be tweeting a lot, but it will be used for club announcements and when the website it updated.   So, if your a member of SASH, please follow it.

BTW: If you are running adblocking software on your web browser, you should exclude from ad blocking.  For some reason, some ad blockers won’t show the twitter feed on the right hand side of the screen.  We’ll never run ads, so there really is no reason to run the blocker on this site anyway.