Wild Bunch Fun Match on Dec 28th

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Time to break out the 1911s!

December’s SASH match is a Wild Bunch Fun Shoot.  For new members, a bit of background.   “The Wild Bunch” is a 1969 film directed by  Sam Peckinpah.    In Too Tall’s humble opinion, it is one of the greatest westerns ever made and a film everyone should see.  The film shocked audiences at the time with it’s fast cuts, graphic violence and copious use of blood squibs.  The cast is lead by Bill Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Warren Oates, Robert Ryan and Edmund O’Brian.

Watch the Trailer

The film takes place in 1913, at the end of the west.  Or past the end of West, really. The Wild Bunch is a western but with World War I type weaponry and costuming.  More information on the guns that are used in the movie can be found here.  The differences in guns and costuming  are what makes a Wild Bunch match different from a regular Cowboy Action Match.

Wild Bunch is recognized by SASS and official matches are held around the country.  SASH is doing Wild Bunch, but as a fun shoot.   In order to participate in our Wild Bunch Match you will need:

  • a 1911 in 45acp with several magazines
  • a big bore lever action rifle (44-40 or 45 colt)
  • A Winchester 1897 shotgun
  • Each stage will feature 20 rounds pistol and 10 rounds shotgun and 10 rounds Rifle

If you’re a regular cowboy shooter and wish to shoot Cowboy, you are welcome to do so.   Strict costuming for Wild Bunch will not be enforced.

Here’s few screen caps from the movie to give you a taste of the guns and costumes.  Note the 1917 Browning machine gun is not included in standard Wild Bunch matches 🙂