Hunting & Fishing day Photos and Thank you’s!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the hunting and fishing Weekend   The club had a good showing and taught many people how to shoot.  Our club president, Branded Buck, is awarded the “Catch of Day”.  Ask him why.

Over the course of two days, these members put their time and effort into setting up, tearing down and  helping the public shoot some cowboy guns:  Branded Buck, Clell Miller, Del Rio, Ed Muerte, Kawika the Kid, Kamuela Kowgirl, Kamuela Kowboy, Moonshine Mike, Pake, Pepito, Small Paw, Stan the Man, Stone Deaf, Too Tall, Wyatt Wee.  We thank you all.  If anyone is omitted, the mistake is mine.  Please let me know and I will add your name.

Here are some photos of the event, courtesy of HHAA’s Earl and some club members:



Hunting Fishing Weekend

NHFD 2015 Flyer

National Hunting and Fishing weekend is coming this this weekend.  Be part of it!

The National Hunting and Fishing weekend is a great event for a few reasons. It helps the Hawaii Foodbank as well as keeps us involved in the shooting community in a positive way. Also it is a recruiting tool for the club.

Members, we need  volunteers to come out and help with this effort. Any time that members can volunteer will be greatly appreciated. We will especially need volunteers early Saturday morning as I have to work for a few hours that morning. If we can get members come out around 7:30 am to start loading the wagon and setting up, that would be a big help. I will be there for the rest of the weekend.

For those of you have not volunteered at this event, it is really a lot of fun.   It is unique in that unlike any other event, there will be time to practice your shooting.   Our sport is very difficult to practice at Kokohead.  We are either having a match or the steel targets are locked up.   This event gives you lots of time to practice your shooting.   Take advantage of it and come out!


Please contact us with your time commitment to this event.

Branded Buck

8/23/2015 Match Results, Photos and Video

Blazing hot day at the range, but those who braved the heat had a good time.  Only two stages but a strong showing from Peptio kept his father on his toes!  Some match photos and a video of our match director, Pake, running the 1st stage.

1 El Muerte De Dolor 43.02 33.86 x x 76.88
2 Pepito 32.65 47.78 x x 80.43
3 Pake 32.79 50.67 x x 83.46
4 Branded Buck 43.71 49.33 x x 93.04
5 Wyatt Wee 55.89 43.77 x x 99.66
6 Arizona Death Rattler 55.22 47.37 x x 102.59
7 Stan Da Man 56.69 50.99 x x 107.68
8 Small Paw 52.06 55.90 x x 107.96
9 Stone Deaf 57.67 55.68 x x 113.35
10 Del Rio 65.26 55.24 x x 120.50
11 Too Tall Tom 65.06 61.14 x x 126.20
12 Halfblood 77.36 65.80 x x 143.16
13 Reno 72.01 90.09 x x 162.10
14 JC 93.82 112.23 x x 206.05
15 Deborah 99.20 271.55 x x 370.75
16 Clell Miller DNF-s DNF-s DNF-s DNF-s 0.00
* no shotgun
dnf = did not finish
dnf-r = registration
dnf-s = scorer

Here are the score sheets:


Next Match, August 23rd

Come one, come all to our August Cowboy Shooting Match.   As always, sign in starts at 8am and guests and visitors are always welcome.    Our match director has provided the advance sheet, so you can see what you’re in for:


Match Results 7/26/2015

1 El Muerte De Dolor 33.47 34.88 41.60 27.76 137.71
2 Captain Barboza 50.17 38.29 31.79 30.85 151.10
3 Pake 35.94 35.23 39.70 40.35 151.22
4 Branded Buck 56.40 39.41 26.98 32.58 155.37
5 Outlaw 48.45 39.42 43.45 25.53 156.85
6 Arizona Death Rattler 45.91 47.78 36.82 42.31 172.82
7 Stan Da Man 50.98 44.28 77.20 36.31 208.77
8 Pepito 63.29 38.91 54.72 53.02 209.94
9 Small Paw 54.62 48.62 53.35 62.43 219.02
10 Del Rio 52.57 44.12 50.14 76.52 223.35
11 Kawika the Kid 55.58 63.35 46.55 59.96 225.44
12 Genroku Cowboy 56.30 78.92 45.51 79.33 260.06
13 Stone Deaf 71.92 73.61 73.54 45.10 264.17
14 Celestial Cowgirl 74.57 76.96 69.14 51.21 271.88
15 Kamuela Kowgirl 62.72 62.06 91.89 57.27 273.94
16 Steven Yiu 90.56 83.04 74.99 65.79 314.38
17 Reno 88.22 130.18 79.13 DNF 297.53
18 Leilani BORSA 275.11 189.84 DNF DNF 464.95
19 The Virginian 104.61 63.73 DNF DNF 168.34
20 Silver Wolf 74.11 DNF DNF DNF 74.11
21 Eric YIU* 108.13 DNF DNF DNF 108.13
* no rifle or shotgun
dnf = did not finish
dnf-r = registration
dnf-s = scorer

Score Sheets:


Match Scheduled for July 26

Howdy Cowfolk!

We have a match scheduled for this Sunday.  Sign in time is 8am, as usual.  Visitors and guests are always welcome!

Update:  Could be traffic Issues

July 26, 2015 Sunday 5:20-11am ANNUAL TINMAN TRIATHLON sponsored by Tinman Unlimited. The event is expected to have 800 participants. Swim will be at: Queens Beach, Queen Kapiolani Park. then : Bike will start at Swim/Bike Transition area, to Kalakaua Ave., to Diamond Head Rd., to Kahala Ave.,  to Kealaolu Ave., to Kalanianaole Hwy., to Lunalilo Home Rd., to Hawaii Kai Dr., to turnaround at Kealahou St., to Hawaii Kai Dr.,to Lunalilo Home Rd.,  to Wailua St., to Keahole St., to Kalanianaole Hwy.,  to  Kilauea Ave.,  to Elepaio St., to Kahala Ave., to Diamond Head Rd., to Kalakaua Ave.,  to transition area in Queen Kapiolani Park, near bandstand Run will start at Kapiolani Park transition area, to  Kalakaua Ave.,  to Kapahulu Ave., to Paki Ave., to Monsarrat Ave., to 18th Ave.,  to Kilauea Ave., to Elepaio St., to Kahala Ave., to Diamond Head Rd.,  to Kalakaua Ave.,  to end at Honolulu marathon finish line. Various road closures will be installed for bike and run courses.

Attached is the match detail:




Range Clean up Successfull

Branded Buck, Kamuela Cowgirl, Kamuela Kowboy, Outlaw, Stone Deaf, Kawika the Kid, Del Rio,Too Tall,and Small Paw went down to the range today and cleaned out the storage locker.  Got rid of a bunch of stuff and reorganized.  Thanks to everyone who helped!



Sash @ Gunshow 9/2004

Recently got these photos from our sister club Hawaii Historic Arms Association. Thought SASH members here would enjoy them. They are taken at the September 2004 gun show.

Range Clean up 7/18/2015

Cowboys and Cowgirls,

We will be having a Range Cleanup Saturday July 18th. Come down and help us clean our storage at the range. Starts at 7.30 and the club will provide lunch. Please RSVP Phil or use the contact form so we know how much food to buy.